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The Doro PhoneEasy 611 is one of the best budget mobile phones out there and is available from Mobile Phone Checker. We know you like to save money so we've compiled all of the mobile phone contracts that are available for the Doro PhoneEasy 611 here on our comparison page. You can pick and choose the right contract for your needs, whether you want more minutes than texts or vice-versa.

The Doro PhoneEasy 611 is a simple, practical and cool phone. It comes with the classic clamshell flip phone style that is known and loved around the world. In an age of 'pebble' shaped smartphones and large tablet PCs the clamshell is perfect as it is more portable and flips open to double its size when you need it. There is an easy to read display with a 2MP camera that lets you snap happy for those events when you need a camera but don't have your digital one with you. The 2 megapixel camera is sharp and gives good quality images and is ideal when you catch a lovely sunset or a sportscar when you're out and about.

There is MMS messaging capabilities so you can take pictures with the 2MP camera and send them to your friends via the mobile phone. This is great for passing around those unique shots you might take when you're at a festival, on holiday or wherever you go. There is HAC speakers front and back, which produces clear and loud sound, too, which is perfect if you want to use loudspeaker to talk on the phone.

The Doro PhoneEasy 611's battery is great for longevity as it has 12 hours of talk time and an astonishing 533 hours of standby time. There is a built-in FM radio with headphones so you can listen in to your favourite station while you're on the move. There are built-in games too which are perfect for whiling away the time when you're travelling, on the bus or as waiting for flight.

With the Doro PhoneEasy 611 you get the battery and charger included so you can take it with you and charge it up if it runs out of charge. Many phone contracts for the Doro include free minutes, free texts and free data. You can send sounds and images, keep up to 60 call records and it has an 11MB internal memory to store contacts, texts and other data such as to-do lists and notes. There is an expandable memory card slot so you can enhance this memory to your specification should you need to. If you want to personalise your Doro you can download ringtones so you can select a tune to suit your needs for when someone calls you. There is also GPRS, Bluetooth and Triband capability.

It's a small, lightweight, portable and functional phone that is very affordable. If you check below you can compare the best Doro PhoneEasy 611 phones at various retailers and choose the best one for your needs.

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