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Apple iPhone 5s 16GB Information

The Apple iPhone 5s 16GB is the first to have fingerprint-recognition, a new operating system and impressive performance with the Apple A9 processor. There's faster 4G and better 802.11ac Wi-FI compared with its predecessor.

The Touch ID is new biometric technology that is embedded in the iPhone 5s's home button, which means you can unlock your device just using your thumbprint. Not only does this mean it's easier and safer to unlock, you never have to type in or remember your password again.

Touch ID is not just there to unlock your phone, you can also use it to authorise purchases in iTunes, the App Store and the iBooks store. If you're quite relaxed with family or friends using your phone too, you can input the prints of up to four other people, so they have access to the device too.

The battery power has been improved in the Apple iPhone 5s 16GB, with the processing components within the device designed to be energy efficient, preventing your battery life from draining fast - even when you are working your smartphone hard.

iPhones are famous for their camera technology and the 5s does not disappoint. The device has an eight-megapixel iSight camera, fitted with a 15% larger sensor and aperture that's been increased to f/2/2. This extra light all this provides means sharper, and more vibrant pictures.

The operating system powering the iPhone 5s 16GB is the iOS 7, which has been redesigned to look more vibrant and livelier than before.

Facetime has had an upgrade with a FaceTime HD camera, 1080 HD video recorder with 3X zoom and more apps and games than any other smartphone on the market.

Other functions include Apple Pay, 4K video recording, better slow-motion and Live Photos.