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Apple iPhone 7 128GB Information

The Apple iPhone 7 128GB is more than a smartphone, it's a cultural phenomenon. And luckily, this handset is as functional as it is beautiful. This device is specifically good for those people who are into photography and filmmaking because it is accompanied by a bright retina HD display and vivid colour panel - meaning images and video are bright and sharp and a joy to look at.

The iPhone 7 is physically the same size and shape as its predecessor (128.3mm x 67.1mm x 7.1 mm), however the rear-facing camera and TrueTone flash are bigger. Thanks for the larger battery and additional tech, the device is heavier, coming in at 5g.

It's no secret that the iPhone is known for having great camera quality and the Apple iPhone 7 128GB does not disappoint with an all-new 12MP camera and an f/1.8 aperture which is perfect for photos taken in low light, so night and dark shots are no longer tricky to pull off.

The iPhone 7 128GB comes with the latest and most capable operating system - the praised iOS 10, and has a new and improved notification panel, updated iMessage features and even Siri has been updated.

The device has the most powerful chip ever, an Apple A10 Fusion, which makes it a whopping 2x faster than its predecessor, the iPhone 6. What this means is you'll experience no lagging and moving through programmes will feel quick to the touch. Containing a whopping 2GB RAM and QuadCore CPU, the iPhone 7 128GB is seriously powerful.

An important thing to consider about the Apple iPhone 7 128GB is that is does not have a headphone jack, meaning you'd have to buy a lightning jack adapter or get yourself a pair of AirPods.