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Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Information

The Apple's latest phablet takes the standard iPhone format and improved on it when it comes to the Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB. It's not just a bigger phone, it a better phone too (especially when it comes to battery life)

It offers everything the iPhone 7 does, such as speed, water and dust resistance, loud speakers, a cracking camera but also has some extra clever features.


Nothing much has changed. The shape and feel of the iPhone 7 Plus 126GB is very much like the versions before it. It's very big, especially when you add a case to it.

That said, the design has been refined a little. The antenna bands have now been moved across the top and bottom edge of the handset, and on the back, there's a camera bump.

A big change to the iPhone 7 Plus 128GB is the home button. There is longer the iconic button you click, but a pad that recognises your fingerprint. You don't actually press down hard on it.

On the back of the phone, you'll see the twin camera sensors, along with the antenna lines an camera bump.

The change that has got everyone talk about the Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB is the fact there is no longer a traditional 3.5mm headphone jack.

However, the Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB does come with a small cable adapter, and a pair of Lightning EarPods in the box.


Why change something that is already great eh? The iPhone keeps to Apple's Retina display, which is beautiful, and doesn't show up any pixels.

The colours are great, and it's also the brightest iPhone to date - so it can be viewed even in strong sunlight.


The iPhone 7 Plus 128GB camera is likely to be the best camera you'll ever own. It's incredible.

There's a new faster f/1.8 lens, the addition of optical image stabilisation, a new four-colour True Tone flash and wider colour capture.

Instead of a single lens, the iPhone 7 Plus has two. A f/1.8 28mm wide-angle lens (the same as the iPhone 7) and an f/2.8 56mm telephoto lens. These cameras operate simultaneously, although they are always working together. Normal users won't know the difference.

The camera app is brilliant, and you'll find a new 1x icon at the bottom of the screen. When you press it, you'll switch from one lens to the other.


The iPhone 7 Plus 128GB has the new A10 Fuson chip with four cores - two high performance cores, and two low power cores.

Just because the phone is frankly massive, doesn't mean it is sluggish or slow in the slightest. The four-core A10 Fusion chip inside makes sure things always feel instantly responsive. It can handle opening apps, multitasking, playing games etc with ease.

Another external hardware change to the iPhone 7 is the addition of stereo speakers. One speaker is at the bottom of the phone, as it always has been and the other is integrated into the earpiece.

They're pretty good speakers, with decent sound and are much louder than they have been before.


The iPhone 7 Plus 128GB is super big and powerful, but the battery can handle it (unlike older models of the iPhone). Even with constance use, the battery will last the whole day.

When you hit 20% there's the option of turning on Low Power Mode. However, the handset is pretty slow to charge, taking over three hours to reach 100%, when competitors manage it in under an hour.