Free Amazon Kindle with phone contract deals

The Amazon Kindle has been a hit since 2007, as many people found the e-reader to be just the ticket for their morning commute or holiday on the beach reading material device. It allows you to carry around a whole library of books and reading content around with you to view as and when you like. The slim-line look and large, clear screen gives you plenty of scope to read just as you would a normal book, and the soft, natural light refuses to give you eye strain so you can read for hours and hours, but without carrying around heavy books.

The fact that the Amazon Kindle is available with a smartphone contract through Mobile Phone Checker is so impressive. The smartphone retailers have huge competition and need to offer incentives and enticing offers to gain more customers. We have compiled all of the top, trusted retailers that have offers and displayed them on our website, cheapest first. This means that you have already saved a huge amount of time by not having to go through all of the websites yourself, and you can see directly what smartphone is the cheapest for the best contract, and bag yourself a Kindle at the same time.

Our unique website lets you see the best deals for a free Kindle and buy direct from the cheapest source. We simply show you were the best deal is, and direct you that way. As you can have a stunning phone, such as the Sony Xperia S or iPhone 5 as well as a free Kindle, your day just got better.

We know you're in the market for a new smartphone contract and that's why we have provided you with sliders to change the amount of data, minutes and texts you can get from a contract to personalise it to your needs. You can also adjust the contract length from 12, 18 or 24 months. Nowadays, most smartphone contracts are 24 months but if you want a lower one then just untick the box. This customisation lets you have the best phone, at the best price, for the amount of data you need and with a free Kindle added in as an extra bonus.

It's not as simple for all of the smartphone retailers to just get new customers and this is why you should shop around using our site. We can let you in on deals that you'd never find, and that's why we're so proud to offer a service such as this.

Once you know which smartphone you want, click on the image and see what contracts are available. You can sign up to the contract once you have chosen the best package for your needs, and by clicking the View Deal, you can be taken directly to the cheapest retailer. Inputting your details and once you're confirmed then you will be taking delivery of a stunning new smartphone and a free Amazon Kindle as a thank you for signing up. It's as easy as that.

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Phone contracts with a free Amazon Kindle explained

When you agree to a mobile phone contract, some contracts come with a free gift. This means when your new handset is delivered - as part of your new mobile contract - you'll also receive an additional something.

This gift could be anything from a gift card or an iPad to a stereo or a games console. It all depends on what that particular mobile provider is giving away.

You can see all the free gifts currently available with mobile phone contracts by searching our deal table. Use the 'Free Gift' dropdown menu to filter on a particular gift - such as, for example, an Amazon Echo or a PS4. Filter by the Advanced Options to search by Network such as BT, EE and Vodafone.

Use the additional filters to make sure you find the mobile contract that is right for you. You can filter by handset, monthly cost, contract length, as well as minutes, texts and data allowances.

What are the benefits to choosing a free gift deal?

Whatever your free gift is, whether it's a tablet, TV or gift card, you don't have to pay upfront for it. So, as well as receiving a new handset, you also get a lovely extra with it - hopefully something you want. Or maybe something you can use as a gift for a friend or family member.

Bear in mind the old adage about there being no such thing as a free lunch - in some cases, the cost of the 'free' gift can be spread over the life of your contract. Take this into account when comparing mobile phone contract prices.

Will I have to pay extra shipping costs for my free Amazon Kindle?

Most mobile contract providers will offer free delivery with your free gift, but if youíre worried about this, you should double-check before you take out a new mobile contract.

How do I find a cheap mobile phone contract with a free Amazon Kindle?

It's easy to find an affordable phone contract that works for you and one which comes with a free Amazon Kindle.

Search our deals table and use the various filters to find the right deal. You can search by handset and by minutes, texts and data allowances. Filter by monthly cost and handset cost - and most importantly, search by free gift!

Networks which offer free gifts with contracts

Not all networks offer free gifts with their mobile contracts. Some aim to keep your costs to a minimum and so avoid extras that can push the average monthly cost up, while other networks avoid free gifts but offer other benefits around data rollover, international calls and free social apps etc.

Here are some networks that do offer free gifts:

BT Mobile

If you take out a mobile contract with BT Mobile, you'll receive a BT Reward Card of a certain value - £10, £30, £50, £70 or £90. You can spend this card - pre-loaded with money - on shopping and everyday purchases. Most BT Mobile contracts are for 24 months and include unlimited calls and texts. As a general rule, the more you spend on a BT mobile contract, the higher the value of the BT Reward card you will receive.


Offering a great range of extras with contracts that include lots of different handsets, EE are worth checking out if you're determined to get your hands on a free gift. Most of their deals offer unlimited minutes and texts with varying data allowances over 24-month contracts. EE's extensive range of free gifts include an Acer laptop, Amazon Echo, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Amazon Kindle, Beats Headphones, Fitbit Alta, iPad Mini 4, PS4 or Sonos Play 3. At the cheaper end of EE's mobile contracts is a deal that includes Amazon Kindle with a Nokia 3310 handset, while a more expensive contract could get you an Xbox One with a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 handset.


O2 offers a range of free gifts with their contracts such as an Amazon Kindle, Beats Headphones, Fitbit Alta, PS4, Sonos Play 3 and Xbox One. Depending on your call, text and data needs, find the contract thatís right for you - including the right handset, whether it's a Motorola Moto C or an Apple iPhone 7. Most of O2's mobile phone contracts available in our deals table are for 24 months.


Depending on the type of mobile contract and handset you go for, you could be walking away with some Beats Headphones, a Fitbit Alta, an Amazon Kindle or a PS4 when you sign up with Vodafone. Choose from a wide selection of handsets from Nokia and LG to Sony, Samsung and Apple, and see if you can get your free gift of choice, depending on your call, text and data requirements.

Regardless of the network, most, if not all, mobile contracts that include a free gift are for 24 months - this means the network can spread the cost of the 'free' gift over the duration of your contract.

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