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HTC U11 Information

The HTC U11 has something about it no other smartphone has, it's squeezable. Yep, seriously.

If you want a bit of bling when it comes to your phone (with an incredible camera), this maybe the one for you.


Arguably the HTC U11 is the most beautiful phone on the market - but it isn't subtle. It has a 'Liquid Surface' design, which almost looks like you're staring into a pool of water.

The glass changes colour depending on what angle you're viewing it and comes in a range of beautiful colours, including, Sapphire Blue, Brilliant Black, Ice White, Amazing Silver and Solar Red.

The front of the device is rather bland, just a black slate of glass with a small indentation for a fingerprint scanner at the bottom.

The screen is super crisp, with good colours, blacks and brightness.

The build quality is as good as you expect and gives no flex - it's as strong as they come. However, It is covered in glass though, which if dropped it going to be catastrophic. It maybe worth investing in a phone case.

If you'd prefer to go without and make the most of the beautiful colours, keep a cloth handy, because every smudge and fingerprint will show up.

The phone is water resistant up to IP67 standards which means the phone will be able to survive accidental submersions in liquid at depths of 1m and below for 30 minutes. Though, we really wouldn't recommend it.

The fingerprint sensor is a thin oval shape, placed on the front of the handset. It works really well, reliably unlocking the device almost instantaneously.

There is no headphone socket, but active noise cancelling headphones are included in the box, as is a USB-C to headphone socket adapter.

If you need more than 64G or 128GB of memory, you can extend thanks to a microSD card slot for internal storage.


The HTC U11's screen is absolutely perfect, although some people pay think that the bezel is slightly thick.

The 5.5 inch panel's quad-HD (2560 x 1440 pixels) resolution ensures text and icons are uniformly sharp and photographs look

The Super LCD 5 panel also offers decent colour temperature, with nothing looking too cool or too warm.


The U11 is one of the first smartphones available with Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 835 processor, which claims to be both faster and more efficient for longer battery life.

It's an incredibly fast and powerful phone, taking app launches, jumping between apps, game loads and heavy general phone use in its stride.


Battery life is solid. The U11 lasts around 24 hours between charges without activating any power saving mode.

The U11 is also fast to charge using Quick Charge 3.0 and a compatible charger, hitting 100% in just over an hour, which is impressive when considering it takes the iPhone 7 Plus just over three hours.


HTC fits its smartphones with a customised version of Android called Sense. The U11 comes with the latest version based on Android 1.1.1.

The biggest addition is HTC's new smart assistant called Sense Companion, which points out useful information such as restaurants and local points of interest.

The U11's four microphones are always on, with a 1.5 range, so you can wake the two voice assistant - Google Assisant and Amazon's Alexa.


The U11's 12 megapixel camera is seriously impressive. It is capable of taking some really stunning photos with rich detail, deep colour and has very good low light performance.

The 16 megapixel camera is also very good, producing great shots even in difficult lighting conditions. There are three modes, selfie mode, selfie panorama and selfie photo. You can smooth skin with a makeup mode if you like a softer focus on your images.

Video quality is on par with stills, with 4K recording at 30fps and slow motion 1080p video at 12fps.


The one thing that HTC has all to its own is 'Edge Sense'. Instead of pressing a button, you squeeze the sides of the phone to activate features.

As it stands, a default squeeze will launch the camera, and then trigger the shutter. If you wanted to, you could change this to activate different things.