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What is a mobile phone contract?

All providers offer a wide variety of deals in which you get a phone and SIM, along with a minutes, texts and data tariff, for a set monthly price. And the contract? That means you are tied in for a specified period, usually 12, 24 or 30 months. There may be an upfront fee - which means slightly lower monthly payments for the rest of the contract, but this will be a lot less than the cost of a brand new smartphone.

What to consider when looking for a mobile phone contract:

When you sign up to a mobile contract, you are potentially making a 2 year commitment, so it makes sense to think carefully about what you are looking for BEFORE you sign on the dotted line. So what do you need to consider before you take the plunge?

  • Which phone? Things to think about:
    • Manufacturer and model - are you after the very latest handset from a particular provider or is getting a great deal more important? Different handsets vary massively in price and functionality.
    • New or refurbished? If you are more flexible with your phone choice, you might want to consider getting a refurbished phone which can slash lots of £££ off your bill.
    • Functionality - what do you need from your phone? An amazing camera? A big screen? Extra large storage capacity? Face recognition for extra security? Think carefully about how you use your phone in order to find the right one for you.
    • Platform - are you a fully paid up member of the Apple Appreciation Society, then you are probably at home staying on the iOS platform to keep your devices compatible. However there are also the Windows, and Android platforms to consider - both of which have come into their own in recent years.
  • What is your budget? Do you want to avoid an upfront charge or pay an initial amount and reduce your ongoing monthly bills.
  • Contract length - mobile phone contracts are usually set at 12, 24 or 30 months.
  • Data - if you use your phone for everything from social media to streaming TV or music, you are going to need a tariff with a decent amount of data - or even unlimited - to avoid getting hit by charges for exceeding your limit - think 10GBs as a starting point. If you rarely use your phone for accessing the web, then a smaller data limit - up to 2GB - will keep your costs down. 2-5GB should suffice for those who use their phones for apps, a bit of social media and checking emails.
  • Minutes and texts - like to chat? Get a deal with unlimited calls and texts.
  • Roaming - if you travel for work, or LOVE your overseas holidays, it's worth looking for a network that offers a great international roaming deal.
  • Network - network coverage has come a long way in the last decade but some providers are more reliable than others in certain areas. So check out the coverage and customer reviews for providers in your area before you sign up.
  • To SIM or not to SIM - you can often get a better deal if you separate out your phone and SIM deals. Check out SIM-free phones on MobilePhoneChecker.

MobilePhoneChecker can help you to find a cheap phone contract:

Whether you know exactly what handset you want, are looking for the cheapest deal, or simply don't know where to begin, MobilePhoneChecker can help you find the perfect deal for you.

Use our deals table filters to select all the elements you want, for example: your data limit; or getting the very latest Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy; or if you have a budget you need to stick to, select by monthly cost. All of the deals that match your criteria will appear in the results table for you to choose from. Alternatively you could get a refurbished phone for a steal.

Refurbished phones - get a great phone at a fantastic price:

Getting a refurbished phone is a great opportunity to grab a bargain. Refurbished phones are handsets that have been returned to a retailer as the owner has decided to upgrade or that they no longer want the phone and are still within the cooling off period. Occasionally it's because of a fault with the phone. Whatever the reason, the phone is checked and fully restored to working order before it resold at a massively discounted price.

How to find a contract phone by manufacturer:

If you are looking for a contract phone by a particular manufacturer, use our filters on the deals table - it's the green section. Open the handset drop-down box and scroll down to find your chosen manufacturer to see all phone deals from that manufacturer.

Not sure which phone to choose? Some of the top mobile manufacturers are listed below:

  • Apple iPhones - the smartphone heavyweight, Apple has been producing highly desirable phones since the dawn of time...or the dawn of the smartphone at least.
  • Samsung phones - the pretender to the Apple throne, Samsung has really stepped into the ring with the Galaxy phone range.
  • Huawei phones - Chinese phone manufacturer has a wide range of phones for all budgets, and globally is a massive player in the smartphone market.
  • Sony phones - Sony's Xperia range offers some of the best Android handsets on the market and at relatively reasonable prices.
  • LG phones - if you are looking for a more affordable smartphone and aren't especially brand obsessed, take a look at the range of smartphones from LG.

Network contract deals

Each network as different strengths - from coverage, to speed, to international roaming options, to data allowances. If there is a network (or two) you are especially keen to be on then you can filter your results to see only deals on that particular network. Select the 'Advance Options' drop-down at the bottom of the green filters section above. Then only tick the network or networks that you want to include and the results will appear in the deals table underneath.

If you aren't sure, then take a look at some of the different operators to see what they each specialise in:

  • Three is big on data. It is the only mobile network to offer full unlimited data contract deals. It also offers a great international roaming option 'Go Roam'. Take a look at deals currently available from Three.
  • EE offers great 4G speeds and exceptional coverage with the most extensive network in the UK. It consistently performs highly in network tests. Check out EE deals.
  • Vodafone is a great option for SIM only deals. It is one of the more reliable 4G networks and is rated highly for coverage. Take a look at Vodafone deals.
  • O2 is particularly strong on pay as you go options and delivers comprehensive coverage. O2 also offers great customer perks like O2 Priority. Compare O2 deals here.
  • Giffgaff offer flexibility with contract-free options so you can change your plan whenever you like. Check out giffgaff deals.
  • BT mobile is well worth a look, especially if you are a BT broadband customer as you will get a sizeable discount. See BT mobile deals.
  • Tesco Mobile - Tesco Mobile, along with BT Mobile, EE and some other networks, offer Family Plans which deliver perks to anyone named on the plan. See Tesco Mobile deals.

And there are many more to choose from, including some smaller networks like iD Mobile. Put your preferences in the filter and see what network works best for you.

Compare Pay as you go phone deals

On the market for a pay as you go mobile phone? Then head on over to our PAYG phones page where you can view an enormous range of phones all on a pay as you go basis. Filter by handset, manufacturer, network, or even, retailer to find your perfect deal. Alternatively you can choose a PAYG SIM for your current mobile or a new SIM free phone.

Mobile phone upgrades

MobilePhoneChecker can also help you to find a great upgrade on your current network. Visit our Contract Upgrades page or check out our list of networks below:
Find EE upgrade deals.
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Mobile phone deals with free gifts

Who wants a free gift? We ALL do of course. And some of the freebies on offer with mobile phone deals can be amazing. Take a look at the free gift drop down box to see what grabs your attention. New TV? Some Beats Headphones? XBox? Head on over to the free gift page to see all of the gifts currently on offer.

Find a sim only deal

If you already have a handset and are looking for a SIM only deal, head to our SIM only deals page to check out the deals currently out there including:

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