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O2 (previously BT Cellnet) has over 23 million customers and claims to have the highest customer satisfaction for any mobile provider (according to Ofcom). It runs 2G, 3G and 4G networks and has over 450 retail stores. O2 is also famous for sponsoring The O2, O2 Academy venues and the England Rugby team! They claim that their mobile network covers 99% of the population of the UK, with 3G covering over 84%, providing speeds up to 3.6 mb/sec (with an HSDPA-enabled device).

O2 have a range of 'Perks' for their customers. The most famous of these perks is 'Priority Moments' which give you deals on high street and online brands, chances to win prizes, some freebies and some pre-sale tickets for gigs around the country.

They have O2 Gurus who "try to make technology simple". These Gurus can be booked for a session in store or you can have a live chat with them. They aim to be your "friendly experts in all things tech".

When you order from their site they offer free next day delivery (if ordered before 10pm). They offer Pay As You Go deals as well as contracts and offer a way of getting money for old phones and gadgets through their recycling scheme.

o2's fair use/traffic management policy for contracts can be found here and for PAYG can be found here.

What has O2 got to offer?

The O2 network specialises in great customer perks, like O2 Priority. O2 Priority gives all O2 customers priority access to some of the best gigs and events in the UK, as well as discounts at top attractions, and even free coffee. O2 has comprehensive network coverage - one of the largest in the UK, and the O2 Wi-Fi network via thousands of hotspots throughout the high street. O2 is also a great option for anyone who likes to upgrade their phone regularly, as with O2 Refresh your bill is separated into two parts - Device and Airtime. Once the Device Plan is paid off, you can carry the Airtime Plan over to a new phone.

Find a o2 contract by manufacturer

If you are looking for a phone from a particular manufacturer, Apple for example, on a specific network, it's easy with our results table. Simply select the manufacturer or phone you want from the Handset drop down box. Then click on the 'Advanced options' tab at the bottom of the filters section to see the networks available. Simply tick the network(s) you want, and check out the deals revealed underneath for the phone or manufacturer on your preferred network. Easy.

Refurbished phones on o2

Refurbished phones present a fantastic way to get the phone you want at a massively reduced price. Refurbished phones are handsets that have been returned to the provider either with a fault; within the cooling off period; or simply because the previous owner is upgrading. Whatever the reason, the provider will check the device, and restore it to full working order before it is sold as a refurbished phone at a big discount on the original retail price. Obviously, these phones may have some signs of being previously owned (and this is reflected in the price) but they are in full working condition and come with all the necessary components to have you up and running.

If you are looking to get a great deal on a refurbished phone on a particular network, we can help. Take a look at our Refurbished Phones page and select your network of choice in the Advanced Options section to filter by provider.

Compare pay as you go phone deals on o2

There are some great pay as you go phone deals to be found whatever your preferred network. To find and compare the best PAYG deals currently on the market, visit our Pay As You Go page and select the network you want in the filters section. You can also filter by phone if you have your eye on a particular model so you can see and compare exactly the right deals for you.

Find a o2 sim only deal

If you already have a handset and are looking for a SIM only deal on a particular network, head to our SIM only deals page to check out the deals currently out there, including:

Use the 'Advanced options' drop down tab in the filters section to limit the results to SIM-only deals on your network of choice only.

Looking early mobile phone upgrades?

If you are on O2, Vodafone or EE and are looking for an early upgrade, take a look at our Upgrades pages for everything you need to know:

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