Doro PhoneEasy 6520 Red on o2 Upgrade Deals

Want the best upgrade contract for the cheapest price? We highlight the best Doro PhoneEasy 6520 Red on o2 deals available online, finding you the cheapest price for your contract needs.

Simply pick the amount of minutes, texts and data you require (plus any specific network, retailer and contract length choices) and we instantly compare and find the best Doro PhoneEasy 6520 Red on o2 offer for you.

The networks like to keep their offers hidden, so whilst we give a good selection of deals, it's sensible to contact your network directly too to see if they can beat the offers displayed.

Available on Contract from £11.99/month

Also available for Upgrade on EE and Vodafone

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What is an O2 upgrade deal?

Already a happy O2 customer but want a new phone or a different tariff? Then upgrading is an option for you. Keep all of the existing benefits, like discounts and concert tickets with O2 priority, and free wi-fi on the move with O2 Wi-Fi, but get yourself a brand, spanking new handset and a tariff that suits your phone usage better.

Alternatively if you are on a different network but your contract is coming to an end, and the O2 perks are catching your eye you can 'upgrade' your phone/deals by signing up as a new customer and porting your existing number over to O2.

Check out what upgrades O2 is offering right now via our deals table.

Can I get a better deal by upgrading with my current network or by changing providers?

Even if you are very happy with your existing network provider, it is worth having a browse of what is currently on offer both on your current network and from other providers. There are often great deals and discounts to be found if you compare deals.

The best offers often go to new customers, and as you can port your existing mobile phone number over to a new phone/SIM (a.k.a. take your existing number with you) you may have nothing to lose by moving networks.

If you can't bear to leave your current provider then use our upgrade deals table for your provider to find and compare the best upgrade deals currently on the market. Choose from the drop down filter options to find the perfect upgrade deal for you.

Can I get an early upgrade on O2?

If you are an O2 Refresh customer, you can change phones whenever you want because on O2 refresh your bill is split into two parts: an Airtime Plan and a Phone plan.

The Airtime Plan is the part that covers all of your calls, texts and data, and the Phone Plan is the cost of the phone. So, if you want to upgrade to the latest phone on the market, you just need to pay off the Phone Plan, before you can upgrade, taking the remainder of your Airtime Plan with you.

Great for anyone who loves to have the very latest smartphone on the market.

If you are on a standard O2 contract you might still be able to upgrade early but you will have to pay a fee unless your contract is due to end in under 30 days.

Check your eligibility via your 'My O2' account.

Can I upgrade via mobilephonechecker?

Yep, even if you didn't sign up to your existing contract through us you can upgrade via this site.

Find an o2 upgrade by manufacturer

If you are looking to get a particular phone as part of your upgrade you can use the filters in our deals table to choose the manufacturer or model that you have your eye on:

  • Find Apple iPhones - Apple is the long standing king of the smartphone market delivering phone after phone that is top of (almost) everyone's most wanted list. Select --- All Apple --- in the handset filter drop down box to see upgrade options with Apple phones.
  • Find Samsung phones - if Apple is the smartphone king, Samsung is the young pretender to the throne bringing some super desirable phones to the market. If you want to upgrade to a Samsung handset, select --- All Samsung ---, or choose the particular model from the handset drop down in the results filter.
  • Find Huawei phones - the Chinese phone manufacturer has a great range of phones catering for all budgets. Huawei is a massive player in the global smartphone market. If you are interested in getting a Huawei phone select --- All Huawei --- from the handset drop down box to see the best deals for you.
  • Find Google phones - if you are more Android than iOS, then maybe a Google phone will float your boat. For a start the pricetag is a big plus, with the highest spec Google Phone retailing at a significantly lower price than its Apple equivalent. Also Google Pixel phones have a fantastic camera feature with great quality photos from both front and rear facing cameras. If you are interested in checking out Google phones select --- All Google --- from the handset drop down box to find all the best Google phone deals.

Compare mobile phone upgrades by network

EE mobile contract upgrades - EE offers a super fast 4G network and outstanding coverage with the most extensive network in the UK. Plus, it's mantlepiece is filled with awards from industry network tests. Check out EE upgrades and use the filter to pick your preferred handset or price plan requirements.

Vodafone mobile contract upgrades - with one of the most reliable 4G networks in the UK, great coverage, and SIM only options well worth a look, there are many reasons to upgrade with Vodafone. Check out Vodafone upgrades. Use the results filters to select by all the elements you want from your upgrade: phone model, minutes, data, even by free gifts, and see the best deals for you.

Refurbished phones on o2

If you really want to bring the cost of your mobile phone contract down when you upgrade, make sure you tick the box to include refurbished and clearance handsets when you are selecting your preferences. Refurbish phones are phones that have been returned to the manufacturer by a customer, have been checked over, and restored to full working order.

Find a refurbished phone on O2

Find an o2 sim only deal

If you are still happy with your phone but are reaching the end of your contract and want a better deal then it is worth taking a look at SIM only deals. A SIM only deal, unsurprisingly, gets you a SIM but not a new phone. There are various SIM only options available from each network from fully unlimited minutes, texts and data for a set monthly amount; to pay as you go SIMs where you only pay for what you use.

If you want to stay flexible, a 30 day SIM contract - also known as a rolling contract - may be the best option for you.

Do I have to stay with my current network to upgrade?

You can also get a great new phone and deal by moving to a different network. Although this isn't the conventional meaning to the term 'upgrading', as you aren't sticking with the same provider, by porting your phone number across to the new network you can keep your contact details and still get a better phone and tariff.

What is o2's coverage like in my area?

Check out the coverage for your preferred provider here.

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