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What's the best SIM-only deal? Compare deals to find out.

We compare the whole of the market, displaying tariffs that include bundles of calls, texts and data, as well as those that don't.

All calls are assumed to be made off-net (i.e. those made to a network different to which the SIM is connected to). If there is a price difference between calling landlines and mobiles, the most expensive price is used.

We work out the cost of every tariff based upon the requirements you pick below. So, even if the bundle doesn't match exactly what you're after we work out any additional usage costs you would have to pay to have the minutes/text/data you require and give you a total cost.

We do not include International tariffs, tariffs which include network-specific allowances, nor any bundles that last for less than 30 days. We assume that you'll be topping up at least once a month. Any free credit you gain as part of your top-up will typically be lost if not used within the month.

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