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MobilePhoneChecker was founded by Adam Cable in 2006 as a University dissertation project. After years of development, it has flourished to become one of the leading mobile phone comparison sites, founded on the basis of providing clear, impartial results.

The data contained within the site is refreshed twice daily and we pride ourselves on the quality of the results published. We crunch through over 1 million phone and tariff combinations from over 20 of the leading retailers to ensure you find the perfect deal for them.

We cater for those data-hungry text-o-holics as well as those who keep their phone with them for emergencies only. Our contract comparison tool enables you to fine-tune your mobile contract requirements to find that ideal deal.

Our Pay As You Go SIM card comparison is not currently replicated by any of our competitors and is therefore unique to our site. Combining that with our PAYG and Sim-Free handset tools you can pair up to find a great deal with having to take out a contract. Great for those who want full control over their spending, or who are averse to taking out long contracts.



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