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Compare refurbished Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB mobile phone deals

Buying a mobile phone - whether outright or through a mobile contract deal - can be an expensive business, especially as smartphones get more and more sophisticated. One way to reduce your costs is with a refurbished handset of last year's model - it's a significantly cheaper option.

What is a refurbished phone?

A refurbished phone is one that used to belong to someone else. It's been repaired and refitted, had its memory wiped and restored to factory settings, but it probably won't come in the original packaging or complete with all its accessories.

There are lots of reasons why phones get refurbished: it may be that the previous owner wanted to upgrade; the phone had a fault and was sent back for repair; or it was a company phone which was no longer needed.

The bottom line is a refurbished phone can be a lot cheaper than a new one.

You can compare refurbished phone deals using our price comparison table. Use the filters to find the best deal for Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB. You can search by minutes, texts and data, and by Average Monthly Cost and Total Contract Cost.

What are the benefits of buying a refurbished phone?

The biggest reason for going down the refurbished phone route is cost. Simply put, a refurbished phone deal is usually a lot cheaper than a brand new one - particularly if you're considering flagship handsets from Apple and Samsung.

It's worth bearing in mind that while a refurbished phone is technically second hand, most used items offered for sale don't get the care and attention that a refurb gets. Your refurbished phone has had its OS reinstalled from scratch and will have been properly tested.

Refurbished phone plans are more flexible, as you can go SIM-only. You'll also have more control over which mobile provider to select - and you're doing your bit for the environment!

The downside is there's a chance your phone could look a little used with some scratches and chips; and even though refurbs get a full overhaul, hardware problems and faulty parts can still be an issue. Also, most refurbished phones are older models.

Find a cheap refurbished Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB phone deal

It's easy to find a cheap refurbished phone deal by using our price comparison tool.

Compare Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB refurbished deals by adjusting the search filters. Select the minutes, texts and data allowances that suit your needs - as well as contract length. You can also order your search by Average Monthly Cost and Total Contract Cost.

Search for other manufacturers and handsets using the Handset dropdown - and then compare the best refurbished mobile contract deals.

Looking for sim only deal?

If you decide to buy a refurbished phone, you may also consider a separate SIM-only deal to go with it. If so, you have several options open to you:

  • Pay-As-you-go SIMs - Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) can be expensive where you top up with credit and are charged per minute. The cheaper option is a PAYG bundle, which includes buying a package of minutes, texts and data with your credit once you've topped up. Find the best PAYG SIMs
  • Short-term SIM deals - If you're looking for flexibility from your mobile plan, then a rolling 30-day SIM-only contract is a good option. You're only tied in for a month and you can use your SIM card in any unlocked phone. Find Short-term SIM-only deals
  • SIM-only deals with cashback - Some SIM-only deals include a cashback bonus. If you're looking for a little extra, take a look at our cashback deals - you can filter by network and select your minutes, texts and data requirements. Find SIM-only deals with cashback

Use the price comparison table to compare SIM-only deals. You can search by network, contract length and set your minutes, texts and data requirements to find the best SIM-only deals available.

Can refurbished phones be used on any network?

In most cases you can use a refurbished phone on any network, but if there's a particular network you want to use, check upfront with the retailer when you buy your refurbished handset.

There are a number of networks that offer mobile plans with refurbished phones, such as EE, O2, giffgaff and Vodafone.

Unlocked refurbished phones

An unlocked refurbished phone is a handset that can be used on any network. Regardless of the deal you go for, you're free to mix and match your handset with any network provider - with one exception. An Apple device will lock to the first SIM provider inserted, so it's important you always check the small print.

Can I keep my number?

Yes, it's easy to keep your number. Once you've decided on your new mobile contract, you'll need to ask your existing network for a PAC code (Porting Authorisation Code). It's usually three letters and six numbers long and won't cost you a thing. You now have 30 days to pass this code to your new network. See our guide for more information.

Is it better to buy a used or refurbished phone?

A used phone comes with all its technical faults and system issues, so you're potentially taking a big risk buying one. A refurbished phone can still experience problems, but as it's been tested, checked over and had its OS overhauled, it's a much safer bet - and if you buy from a respected retailer, will come with a warranty.

Are refurbished phones any good?

It all depends on what your priorities are when buying a phone. A refurbished phone can save you a lot of money, particularly on a flagship model from Apple or Samsung. However, it has been used before, so it could well come with some physical chips and scrapes; and even though it's been tested and overhauled, it's important to remember this is not a box-fresh factory phone and could develop technical faults.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB Information

The iPhone 7 Plus 32GB is the second of Apple's newest smartphones. The iPhone 7 Plus is bigger and more expensive than the previous models but is more powerful and has more features.

The iPhone 7 Plus has a new dual camera, longer battery life and more power, making it a serious contender for best handset on the market.


There hasn't been a noticeable design shift in the handset, and side by side with either the iPhone 6 Plus, you'd be hard pressed to tell them apart.

The iPhone 7 Plus 32GB is now a very large device, despite the screen being one of the smallest for a phablet.

At 77.9mm wide, with smooth rounded sides that feel nice but are slippery, the iPhone 7 Plus 32GB will simply be too hard to hold and use in one hand for many people.

The iPhone 7 Plus is now waterproof to IP67 standards, which means it can be submerged in 1m deep fresh water for up to 30 minutes (if you were feeling particularly brave).

The Touch ID fingerprint scanner under the home button is the same as that fitted to the iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 7. It is fast and accurate and comfortable to use

However, the home button is no longer a physical button. It has been replaced by a pressure sensitive pad, that when activated, vibrates the bottom half of the handset.

A big thing to consider is that there is no headphone socket. A set of Lightning EarPods are included in the box.


The camera is the best feature of the iPhone 7 Plus 32GB, and it has (rightly) jumped on the dual camera bandwagon.

The dual lens combo is at the back of the handset, with a wide and telephoto lens. The f1.8 aperture makes this one of the best performing smartphone cameras in low light.

The telephoto lens of the camera gives you optical zoom of up to 2x, while the digital zoom lets you take this up to 10x using really fast virtual dial.

Images captured with the standard camera, which has optical image stabilisation are crisp, detailed and colorful, even when there isn't a lot of light.

The other 2x camera isn't as good, but you can still get excellent shots when there is good lighting.

However, to most people, the two cameras are essentially one. The iPhone 7 Plus' software blends the two images together from the two cameras.

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32's camera is the best in the business.


The Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB's processing power is awe-inspiring, and a vast improvement on the iPhone 6s Plus with two 2.33Ghz high performance cores.

The iPhone 7 Plus feels as snappy as the iPhone 7, and feels significantly faster than the iPhone S6. It has more RAM, but the difference doesn't feel particularly noticeable, although switching between apps has improved dramatically.


Even with heavy use, the Apple IPhone 7 Plus 32GB should get you through whole day. It lasts around 27 hours between charges, which means you'll have to charge it each night.

If you're using 4G, shooting and watching videos in 4K, your phone is more likely to last 12 hours.

However, the iPhone 7 Plus is one of the slowest charging smartphones available, taking over three hours 20 minutes to go from zero to 100%. Some Android phones take less than an hour to reach full charge.

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