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Samsung Galaxy J5 2016 Information

The Samsung Galaxy J5 is the ultimate smartphone for functionality - with exceptional pictures and videos, crystal-clear 5.0 Super AMOLED screens, impressive hardware performance and versatile cameras, it is arguable the best budget smartphone on the market.

Although packed with functionality, its not ugly. The device is smooth and glossy, but does have a plastic frame meaning that is isn't water resistant. The J5's slim dimensions mean it fits really comfortably in the hand.

Thanks to the AMOLED display, videos and pictures are more vivid and richer, and blacks are even deeper. The J5's peak brightness of 358cd/m2 is pretty respectable and is more than enough for most lighting conditions.

The Galaxy J5's processor is seriously powerful and lag-free meaning you can multitask easily without annoyance or disruption. It comes with a quad-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor and 1.5GB of RAM which is the power you would expect from a quality budget smartphone.

A really unique feature on the Galaxy J5 is the Smart Manager which lets you check and manage a range of essential information, including battery status, storage space, memory stats etc. This means you can see what you are using and easily close unused apps, improve battery and RAM performance, delete files and run antivirus checks etc.

If you're out and about and your battery is running low, you can use the Galaxy J5's Ultra Power Saving Mode, which will cut down on battery consumption by shutting down unnecessary functions on your device and switching the screen to a battery-saving monochrome mode till you can get charged up.