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Want the ability to put any network SIM you want in your phone? Grab a SIM-free phone which is unlocked to all networks!

You then have the choice to either get a SIM only deal or a Pay As You Go SIM and use it in your handset.

If you're looking for a cheap handset, simply leave the Handset option set to "Any", or if you're after a particular phone, select the one you wish.

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Compare Apple iPhone 8 64GB Red sim free phone deals

If you're not keen on the idea of an expensive mobile plan that ties you into a long-term contract, then it's time to consider a SIM-free phone deal. It's the easiest way to pay less for your phone, minutes and data, and it's a flexible way of hanging onto your phone and keeping your options open with network providers.

Read on to find out more about SIM-free phones, the benefits of buying a SIM-free handset, how to find the best SIM-free deals, as well as the best SIM-only deals (as you'll still need a SIM card to go in that nice, new handset).

Use our retailer and price comparison tool to search for a Apple iPhone 8 64GB Red and find the best deal for you.

What is a SIM-free phone?

A SIM is the small microchip which contains information such as your settings and personal data, including contacts and photos etc. Without a SIM card, your handset is an empty shell waiting to be activated. A SIM effectively powers your handset.

Most mobile phone contracts include both a handset and a SIM, which covers your connectivity, calls, texts and mobile data. However, it is possible to separate the SIM and the handset and go for either a handset deal or SIM-free deal (which are effectively the same thing) or buy the handset up front and outright.

Whatever option you go for, you'll only receive a handset and will need to look elsewhere for a SIM to power it.

So how can you find the best SIM-free and handset-only deals? Easy - click on SIM-Free and then search our contracts comparison tool to find Apple iPhone 8 64GB Red. You can then compare the handset deals available through different retailers and networks.

What are the benefits of buying a SIM-free phone?

Buying a SIM-free phone is overall much cheaper than the other, often costly, mobile contract options. Plus, you'll have more flexibility with your phone plan, as generally your phone won't be locked to a specific network. This means you're free to shop around different networks to buy a SIM, and you can change your SIM more often. (It is, however, important you check the small print of your handset and check it isn't dependent on a specific SIM card.)

Going for a SIM-free phone also means you're free to upgrade your phone when you want; and ultimately, you'll have plenty of choice over which phone you can get. However, if you do buy your SIM-free handset outright, the biggest issue will be the initial outlay, unless you buy your phone through a financing deal.

Find a cheap Apple iPhone 8 64GB Red sim free phone deal

If you decide to buy a Apple iPhone 8 64GB Red outright, we can help you find a great deal. Use our SIM-Free handset comparison tool and we'll provide you with a list of retailers that sell this model. It's easy to make a comparison and find the right price for you.

Find a SIM-only deal

A SIM-free handset means you're going to need a SIM to go with it. The one you choose will depend on your specific needs, the type of handset you have, what you use it for and how much you use it. There are a variety of SIM-only deal options to consider:

  • SIM-only deals - Compare SIM-only deals on our price comparison tool and you can search on minutes, texts and data allowances, as well as by network and contract length. We'll provide a list of retailers and the best SIM-only deals available, and once you find one that suits you, you can click through to grab that deal.
  • Pay-as-you-go SIMs - For added flexibility, a Pay-as-you-go SIM could be for you. With no contract and no bills to worry about, simply choose the minutes, texts and data allowance that's right for you and then top up when you need more. Use our price comparison tool to find the best pay-as-you-go SIMs.
  • 30-day SIM contracts - With our short-term SIM-only deals, you have a flexible arrangement where you're only tied in for a month. Search for a 30-day SIM contract by network and by minutes, texts and data allowances. We'll provide you with a list of retailers offering the best deals.

Can SIM free phones be used on any network?

Not necessarily; don't assume that all SIM-free handsets can be used on any network - like an unlocked phone. Some SIM-free handsets will be tied to a specific network, and it's important to check this information. Generally, you should be free to buy a SIM-free handset from any network such as EE, O2 and Vodafone, but this is not a given. Don't forget to read the small print when you buy a handset.

Unlocked SIM-free phones

So what are you getting from an unlocked handset? An unlocked phone can be used on any network. Whether you opt for a SIM-only contract deal, a Pay-as-you-go SIM or a 30-day SIM contract, you're free to mix and match your handset with any network provider. But… there is the odd exception. An Apple device, for example, will lock to the first SIM provider inserted. So always check the small print for exceptions like this.

Can I get a Apple iPhone 8 64GB Red with a network upgrade?

Networks are keen to keep you as customers, so consider which networks will offer you a contract upgrade with iPhone 8 64GB Red. Also, some networks hide their offers, so don't be afraid to contact them directly and see what they can offer you when your existing contract has run its course.

See contract upgrade deals.

Can I keep my number?

Yes, it's easy to keep your number. Once you've decided on your new mobile contract, you'll need to ask your existing network for a PAC code (Porting Authorisation Code). It's usually three letters and six numbers long and won't cost you a thing. You now have 30 days to pass this code to your new network. Check out our full guide here.

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